A Feeling

I have heard it said
that art
in its most pure
and raw sense of the word
is a lot less like
creating a masterpiece
and more like
allowing an external force
complete control
of your functions
and to merely observe
as it takes hold of you
and moves you to create.
I am no artist
that much is true
but still
I wonder;
could our art
be this force
attempting to realize
To actualize itself
in our clumsy world?
Perhaps that is why
art is different
depending on who you are
for we all experience this world
a bit differently
and maybe this force
needs to see itself
in as many reflections as possible
to understand itself.
Who knows?


2 thoughts on “A Feeling

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  1. I love this perspective on art, LT. I really do agree. There have been pieces I have written and piano pieces I have composed that came to me without any need for contemplation or thought, just spontaneously appearing. Great piece LT.


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