Ancestral Guidance

Though long forgotten,
there once was a language
known only to the Earth,
long before our birth.
Whispers between the trees,
utterances amidst the snowy peaks,
grumbling among the cool rocks.
Through our understanding
of the land
we learned to speak it,
A truly primal language
that extends far beyond
the limits of voice.
A raw, cosmic energy
that lies
within all living things.
Over time,
we forsook the elements
and spoke a far harsher language
and forgot how to listen
to its subtle voice.

if you go out
into the trees
or among the rocks
and truly,
you can still hear
its gentle message
that nothing in nature
is ever done needlessly.

Least of all,


3 thoughts on “Ancestral Guidance

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    1. This is exquisitely stated, pulsing with the heartbeat of the Creator and flowing out of His will for you. Don’t ever stop listening to His voice wherever you hear it, in nature, in people, in the cosmos, wherever.


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