Decisive Execution

To be honest,
I hate poetry.
I suppose I should rephrase that.
What I hate,
is modern poetry.
This sort of
putrid pile of pathetic
passages that plague potentially passable
It goes something like this,

“A man who hurts you
doesn’t love you.”

No shit.

Or perhaps,
my other personal favorite,

“You were mine.
And then you left
and all I have
are your lies.”


When I read poetry
the last thing I want to read
is the same old song dance.

I want to be able to hear
how the very sound
of his or her name
ignites within you the primal spark
of Creation itself,
for if we are made in the god’s image
what better way to pay tribute
than to love deeply
another reflection of the gods?

I want to be able to feel
how the slightest brush
of their hand against your skin
sets your cells ablaze
as the air in your lungs is take from you
and you aren’t sure if you should breathe
or dare one more touch.

I want to be able to taste
the fresh-pressed coffee
off of their lips
as you drink them in
one cool November morning
and you cannot remember a time
when you felt more alive.

Mediocrity is found
among many things.

Don’t let it into your poetry.


16 thoughts on “Decisive Execution

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  1. Superbly put! I can see my past self falling into these mediocrities you mention and you’re right; it does leave a nauseas sensation when you’re reading the kind of content you mention, but I feel at the time it is all a person can vent without imploding ✌️


      1. I agree entirely. It is far more intense when you feel what the writer is writing rather than just explaining a feeling, they paint the scene, the senses and the atmosphere with their words 😌✌️


      2. I believe they undervalued Golbez in the dissidia games whereas he was a strong role in FF. I will have to look at your earlier writings. Any suggestions you could direct me to with your golbez-inspired content?


      3. I would definitely agree there. I really enjoyed the idea that deep down, he had a good heart and he deeply cared for Cecil but he played by his own rules which, at least in Dissidia, landed him on the Chaos side. As for my earlier works, it has been a while since I visited them so there titles escape me at the moment. You could try searching for “mantle” or “warlock”. I hope that gets you somewhere!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Golbez held no choice for his fate or appearance, but when he is shown to be Cecil’s brother… there was an emotional storm 😂
        I will have a look, thank you! ✌️


  2. …then don’t read my “poetry”. Maybe it isn’t even for you… I hate the way you mistreat people, treat them badly and hurt them throughout. So I don’t even intend to make poetry, it is your own stupid thought that it must be poetry at all times. The world does not evolve around you people, but that you will never understand. You are disgusting to say the least. If there is no feeling toward you, there won’t be poetry that is as easy as that, and you give the tone, you decide to hurt and that is what is coming back to you.


    1. I’m assuming there is some error in translation to my post. I certainly had no intention of offending anyone. The wonderful thing about poetry is that anyone can write it and it can truly be about anything. What I had intended my post to be about was these celebrated authors that put little to no effort into their works and yet it receives inordinate amount of praise. Poetry is, at least in my opinion, art. Just as I would not go to an art museum to see a blank canvas and consider it art, I would not read some of the excerpts I made up in my post. The beauty in that is that is completely acceptable. Some people like roses, others like daises, but the important thing is that they BOTH like flowers. There is no wrong way to write poetry but there are BETTER ways, at least in my opinion. I apologize you felt so strongly against me and my works.


      1. Yes that is possible… forgive me my direct words, it seemed to me so hard. I think I understand now a bit better what you mean. I think that is what I find too, that there is sometimes too much obvious applause where it is not so appropriate. I am not good at poetry perhaps, but I use it as a form of conversation, I rather paint for showing my opinions of the world. It is only the thing that here I can only use words… sometimes very impulsive. It is difficult to explain, and I might look for things that are hidden in the words, not shown to everyone in the open. So sometimes I don’t have the time for rhyming or for real poetry. But I like your poetry actually… 😉


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