Another Ending

There is quite a fascinating philosophy
that I have discovered
and it revolves around our breath.
Not necessarily that we must do so
but that the number of our breaths
are, well,
at birth,
we are allotted a specific amount of these breaths,
and barring accidents,
we can never take too few
or too much;
only ever
what we are given.
So the philosophy
is to take long,
grateful breaths
in order to stretch your life
to its fullest.
I cannot yet attest
to its validity
but after a few deep breaths
I must say that I feel quite



4 thoughts on “Another Ending

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  1. Some have posited the same notion in relation to heartbeats. And some have said that it’s also why things with slower heart beats live longer… Course, I think that the last time I heard that, it was from someone who was justifying a sedentary lifestyle…still…an intriguing concept…


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