And None May Escape It

that our deaths,
though inevitable,
are preordained.
That is,
that from the moment
we are given unto this world,
the hour of doom,
the moment we perish,
is cast.
this would give us
an abundance of freedom,
wouldn’t it?
Let’s say
that six months from now,
I die from a heart attack.
Couldn’t be avoided,
you know.
That would mean
at no time
from now
to that moment six months from now
I would be allowed to die.
That each
and every moment
I have
can be lived to its fullest
because I know that I cannot go
before my time.
this is the kicker.

We do not know when we will die.

That is the joke,
you see?
For if we knew when
then we would be riddled with fear
and worry
and every moment so graciously given to us
would be wasted.
So please,
live every moment
as if it is your last
for it very well might be,
you know?


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