Fæddur Aftur

It calls to me,
a frigid whisper
upon the winds.
My home.
Of emerald valleys
and snow laden mountaintops.
Of sapphire shores
with ivory teardrops of ice
dotting the horizon.
My body
for the old ways.
A hunger
that I cannot sate;
a thirst
that cannot be quenched
until I breathe
the invigorating air
of the land of my ancestors.
They say you never truly forget
the old ways;
that centuries of survival
and respect
for the land the gods crafted for you
lay etched in your memories.
That is why
it calls to me,
a frigid whisper
upon the winds.
It demands to be heard.

To be remembered.


11 thoughts on “Fæddur Aftur

Add yours

      1. Your writing is some of my favorite. It is your unique lines all your own that I find attractive in quality! This is what makes you a true, and memorable writing!


      2. You are one of my favorite writers.
        Your lines are unique and filled with quality. These traits qualify you as a true poet, and memorable.


      3. Your writing is uniquely filled with lines of great quality. Always your own words which qualify you as true poet! You never take from other writers. You are one of my favorite writers for that very reason. I find your writing mysterious and refreshing! Bravo!


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