We find ourselves
too afraid to live
and yet
too afraid to die;
there must be more
than this?


14 thoughts on “Fiji

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      1. I still am not too certain. I believe that there is a higher force at work that is guiding things a certain way, but who or what it is I still do not know. I believe that there are inherent good and evil forces that exist, but they serve to better ourselves, if that makes sense. How about yourself?

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      2. I believe that there is one God and that he created the world. I believe that because of our own sin, evil entered into the world. As a way to save us from our sin, God sent Jesus (his son who is both God and Man) into the world to die and rise again. I believe that when I die, because of my faith I will go to Heaven. It seems so simple when I just write it out like this but it’s something I believe with all my heart. There is enough historical evidence that supports events in the Bible, but more than that, I am reassured by the presence of the Holy Spirit that often guides how I should act.
        I find so much encouragement that this dark world will eventually become light again πŸ™‚

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      3. How fascinating! I was raised much the same but I am questioning much that I have been taught, which I think is good because I’m hoping it brings me closer to the answer. Wouldn’t it be in God’s plan for the world to be dark, though? So that we may overcome our dark natures through great effort?

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      4. What aspects are you questioning?
        God’s Word shows that when he created the world it was Good, everything was Good and Perfect, that is what God intended. However, because of His love for us, God did not want mindless children and so he gave us free will even knowing that we would abuse it. God is the light that helps us overcome the darkness that we brought about.

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      5. Sorry for the late response! I was at work πŸ™‚ I am under the impression it would be better to question God and the Bible rather than blindly accepting it. I believe God would want us to go out of our comfort zone and find Him in the world, but that’s just me. Could God want us to experience darkness in the hopes that we choose Him over it? O relse why would he allow darkness to exist?

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      6. That is okay, I understand!
        I agree, it is important to find our faith for ourselves instead of accepting it blindly. I’ve come to believe in God of my own accord. God only allows darkness to exist because it was a product of free will and because through the darkness, we find Him.


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