First Dream

We spend much of our lives
believing as we have been taught
that you and I
are different.
That you and I
are different
from the trees and the rocks
and the plains and the oceans
and the cats and the dogs.
That is the Great Lie.
The Grand Illusion.
Imagine our solar system.
We have planets
that orbit around a star,
our Sun,
much like the electrons orbit
a nucleus.
What difference is there
between the two
Were we to shrink down
to whatever exists at the subatomic level,
would we not find organisms
alive and well,
going about their business?
The answer is of course we would.
Now, take the two examples above
and apply them to yourself.
At any given moment
you are home
to millions
of microscopic organisms,
and that is just what lives on your skin.
Go smaller
and you find individual cells
bustling with mitochondrias
and lysosomes.
Go even smaller
and we have DNA,
and smaller still,
individual atoms.
Yet those atoms
are home to countless beings
that believe that there is nothing in the farthest reaches
of their space
than what lies
on the inside of their atom.
We are all connected
in ways that we cannot comprehend
and yet we allow ourselves to believe
that we are not
walking and talking
living in an even bigger galaxy
that is no doubt hurling through space
as part of an even bigger galaxy.
It’s time to wake up,
Your galaxy needs you.


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