To Live With Less

I guess
that in the end,
I was just too much for you.
You asked for rain
and I gave you a flood.
You asked for sunshine
and I gave you a drought.
I never learned
how to be less
than what I was,
and the only thing
you could do
was to leave me
and to go back
to what you were comfortable with.


2 thoughts on “To Live With Less

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  1. Sounds like the narrator never learned to actively listen.
    Mistook the requested acts
    Ironically, the narrator assumes that he/she was too much for the recipient of his/her stated efforts, when in actuality the narrator’s biblically armaggadonic plague-like efforts, as vain and defense mechanism-like as they were, still were not enough for the one who asked for the sunshine and the rain, leaving both unfulfilled.

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