Fool Me Twice

She’s going to be angry, you know.

She’ll call you unthinkable names and tell anyone foolish enough to lend her their ear that you turned out to be this way or that. She’ll slander your name and dream up the wildest stories over how bad you were to her.

But, interestingly enough, she will conveniently forget to mention all of the actual hardships she put you through. She’ll forget to say just how long you took it and even how many excuses you made up before you wised up to how she really was.

But you gotta understand, my brother, that she is a coward.

And that is exactly the kind of things a coward does.


4 thoughts on “Fool Me Twice

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  1. This is so true! It’s very easy to play the victim card, but it takes courage to admit when we have wronged someone and were the causing of someone’s hurt. Loved this!

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