To Know Him

Though he is
more man than beast,
you can still see
the faint spark
of rebellion
behind his steely blue
the fire,
stolen from the heavens,
still smoldering
from bygone ages
where men dared
to raise their fist
against the gods.
He is more at home
among the mountains,
where the sage grows wild,
than he is in his two-bedroom
There is a quiet strength
about him,
and though you may know him
to be gentle
and reserved,
there exists a silent force
that can be felt from him.
He does not boast
and though he was raised with pride
in himself and his work,
he is humble to a fault.
With a smile like an avalanche
and a laugh like thunder
he drifts through life as easily
as a crisp summer breeze
through a screen door.
You are not ready for a storm
quite like him
but he’ll teach you
to dance in the rain.


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