When We Remember

you might say
Life is pain.”
And you would be right.
It’s seeing the man you’ve spent
years of your life with
become someone else.
It’s seeing your best friends fade
to little more than acquaintances.
It’s seeing miserable people
hurt others
simply because someone else
had hurt them.
It’s seeing yourself
fail that test,
lose that job,
crash that car.
But Life
is also
a lot of other things,
isn’t it?
It’s holding her hand
for the first time.
It’s the first sip of freshly pressed
It’s the smell
of your favorite flower.
It’s the way he says your name.
It’s the laughter shared
among close friends.
It’s snug sweaters and hot chocolate.
It’s a breeze carrying the scents
of sage and pine.
Life is pain,
But it’s also
a lot
of other things,


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