I have come to believe
that our suffering
is directly tied
to our willingness
to accept change.
Our brains
are incredibly complex things
that we have barely begun
to understand,
but we know that we like
We feel a certain rush
that comes from predictability.
We have become so skilled at this
that we are in shock
when things do not go
the way we expected them to.
Our pain stems from the fact
that we invest so heavily
in a point in time
that does not even exist
at this moment.
We long for the way
things used to be
while at the same time
preparing ourselves
for moments we don’t even know
will come.
And we suffer for it.
Those who live in the past
are in constant state of depression;
they yearn for the times
when things were one way,
where he acted this way
and she used to say these things.
Things are not as they once were.
Those who live in the future
are always anxious;
they run their minds into the ground
over hypothetical situations,
where this may happen if I do this,
or if I don’t do the thing,
then I won’t get this,
and so on.
Things will not be what I expect.
But the secret
to living with pain
is to embrace the only moment
we are ever given;
It is in this point in time
that we hold absolute power.
It is here
that we find peace.
When we embrace
the certainty of change,
we embrace pain,
and that makes living with it
that much easier.


4 thoughts on “Hydorre

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  1. “ The secret
to living with pain
is to embrace the only moment
we are ever given;
    It just couldn’t get better then this. These lines are the true essence we need to learn about life.
    Thank you so much for sharing.❤️

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