To The Soul That Is Lost

Though I am far
from wise
and even farther
from being properly educated,
let me tell you something
that I have learned.
We are always told
that we must be going somewhere,
that we must have a goal
to be constantly striving towards.
That is all well
and good,
but that is the very reason
that we get lost,
and thus,
the reason
for our pain.
We have become
so intent
on getting to the end
as fast as possible
that we forsake the journey
in getting there
and when we finally do get there
we feel incredibly cheated.
But if we were
to simply give up
the belief in a destination,
then you cannot get lost.
For the only moment
we truly ever have
is not the past
or the future,
but now
and in this moment,
there is no destination.


14 thoughts on “To The Soul That Is Lost

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      1. It is I who should be thanking you. Writing of you has brought be unfathomable joy, so do not be surprised if I do so again 😊 You have an incredible soul and it has captured me ever since I read your works. Thank you 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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