Into the Future

I am simply
not given enough time
to spend any of it
hating anyone.
So know
that while I may have cut you out
of my short
little life,
it is not out of hate,
but rather,
because I cannot waste
any more time
for someone
who could never spend any
on me.


29 thoughts on “Into the Future

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      1. Of course. I think we feel that way because we believe that letting go equates to it never happening, when in fact, the opposite is true. It is not the memories that have changed, but the people. That is what makes it difficult to let go.

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      2. I don’t believe that you are lost, friend. I think that you are merely in a state of wandering. What I sense from you and from your writing is you are attempting to discover your purpose, when all I see is a brilliant light emanating her warmth on all who know you and read your magnificent works.

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      3. They are beautiful because you are beautiful. What you see from my words is a reflection of yourself, and you can see just how incredible and real you are. I am honored to write such words that matter to you, but know they are only that way because they reflect the love and warmth that you give so freely ❤

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  1. this poem
    the sound
    so true
    to my ears
    into my loud voice
    i feel i don’t belong
    but i can’t look away
    this poem
    is my mirror
    my unique

    (so sad but so honest).

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