Inherited Mission

Listen well,
young scribe.
You will see many strange wonders
and read many foreign texts.
Not all writers
are created equally,
so if you wish
to stand above the rest,
heed my advice.
the thing that you
are most afraid of;
the one thing
that instills you
with fear
and dread.
It could be
the loss of a loved one
or the fear
of never being good enough.
Focus intently
on the object
of your nightmares

and write about it.


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      1. Oh, I did reply that very day itself. Did it not reach you? Because on my mail, it says ‘sent’. πŸ˜… I should try sending it to your personal mail, maybe.

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      2. Hahah, I kind of expected that.❀️ I had thought of sending it to both your IDs, but then I thought it’d be a mess for you. πŸ˜… So I thought I’d wait for a few days before asking, just in case you don’t regularly check the mail. ❀️

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