Algorithmic Inevitability

I think,
that the vast majority
of the people we interact with
but do not listen.
They look,
but they are blind
to what they see.
They talk,
but rarely speak.
perhaps even more,
they simply exist
as nothing more
than seeds cast upon the wind
than they do
ever truly live.


6 thoughts on “Algorithmic Inevitability

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  1. Almost like a bitter taste in the mouth some of your words this night. Establishing these truths defines your life experiences? I live life to the fullest because of the people I have surrounded my life with! And because this is it! I also live for those who never wanted to leave this earth but had no choice. I admire your poem about pain! It is a self inflicted prison sentence for some people. Outstanding honest poetry by you! *****

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    1. Some experiences I have had leave a taste that leaves much to be desired. Some simply do not wish to take responsibility for themselves for it is much easier to blame than it is to have accountability.


      1. Oh thank you for understanding my comment! Blame leads to stunted growth. Therefore misery loves company!? Thank you for standing up and being counted for! Self awareness is a beautiful attribute for men and women. And for those of us who take note.

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