Hey everyone,

I wanted to sort of relay some information over my hiatus from writing. I certainly haven’t stopped, so don’t worry! I’ll be back to writing ASAP πŸ™‚ Long story short, our landlord needed to sell his house (our home) to pay for his kids transplant, so we needed to find somewhere else to stay. These last few days have been chaotic as hell, as I’ve been moving just about everything I own either into our new apartment or into storage. This was actually a serendipitous occurrence for me, because I feel as if my writing was taking me to a point mentally where I needed to shed what I did not need anymore and instead focus on what truly makes me who I am. Work has been pretty stressful as well, as retail during the holidays is always a joy (sarcasm). But, things have finally settled down, and I can resume writing! Thank you so much to everyone who stops by and reads what I write. Even if you only stay for one poem, or you go through my entire library, I hope that everyone who stops by finds something that speaks to them and resonates with them. All of you make writing on WordPress such an incredible experience, and I offer my deepest thanks for your continued traffic and comments. I hope to hear from you all soon ❀


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