This Is The Part Where We Decide

Most of us
find ourselves
under this dangerously delusional mindset
that life,
this life,
starts at some other point
besides now,
you know?
When we are children
we are always told
what will happen
when we grow up.
We are asked,
“What will you be
when you grow up?”
As we enter grade school,
we are,
each year,
given the tools that will help us
We graduate high school
with a piece paper
that does not mean what it meant
thirty years ago,
and by the time we find ourselves
at the point we have been thrust towards,
we find ourselves
incredibly cheated.
“Well, now, wait just a minute.”,
you might say,
“This is not what I was expecting.”
For it surely won’t be.
And from the moment you make
this dreadful realization,
you spend the rest of your life
in dissapointment
and longing for the past.
It’s quite a pitiful state,
you see.
We spend so much energy
and focus
on the end point
of our journey
that we forget to enjoy
the journey part,
so much so that when we do arrive
at the end
of such an adventure,
we regret
never having enjoyed the ride.
The only way
to truly fix this
is to understand
that the only moment
we are ever gauranteed
is this one.
This is it,
you know.
This is the part
where you decide
to grab your adventure
your journey,
your life,
and take it
in the direction
YOU want to go.
Anything less,
that’s not really living,
now is it?


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