Suppose a stranger
comes to you
one day
and asks,
“What is the difference
‘I like you’
and ‘I love you?”
you might say
that love is a stronger sensation
than like.
You would be correct.
You might say
that when you love someone
you are more willing
to put up with their faults
than if you just liked someone.
You would also be correct.
Let us imagine,
for a moment,
a flower.
Your favorite flower,
just for this story.
What is your favorite flower?
A rose?
Maybe you are
a daisy kind
of person.
Or maybe
have always been your thing.
when you like this flower,
you pick it.
That is okay,
it’s only natural.
This way
you can show it to many,
But we come across a small problem,
don’t we?
You see,
when we pick our favorite flower,
it begins to wilt
and die.
Let’s pretend
that instead of liking
our particular flower,
we instead choose
toΒ love it.
Instead of picking it,
we water it.
We nurture it.
We plant it in the most loamy
where it gets plenty of sunshine.
Our flower gives us seeds,
and we plant them,
and over time,
we create a field
of our rich,
far and wide
can come to your garden
and experience
your favorite flower,
your love,
in its truest environment.
is the difference
between ‘I like you’
‘I love you’.


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