Your Signature

I used to fear
the void
you so graciously left
within me.
I could not bear
to be alone
with it
lest my thoughts
turn on me
and send me spiraling
and further
into the black.
Until one day,
I decided
to forego all sense
of caution
and jump,
into this ebony expanse.
I was swallowed whole,
and spirit.
the deeper I fell,
the more I saw
into myself,
until I came upon
a peculiar oak tree.
It’s branches gnarled
from the cruel hands of Time,
this oak swayed silenty
in the winds
of this dark cavern.
Among the dried and rotted leaves
hung a single acorn,
glittering gold in hue,
and to my amazement,
I found myself
for this nut.
A gentle pluck loosened the acorn
from its branch,
now long dead,
and a peculiar heat
emanated from within.
Some deep calling from within my mind
urged me to take a bite,
and after a tentative nibble,
the black surrounding me
The thick stench
of sorrow
was lifted
and for the first time
in a long time,
I could breathe again.
And on this breath
came thought.
A thought,
incredibly pure,
powerfully raw,
that I was stricken with awe
that it came from my own mind.
The void you had left in me
was but a fraction
of the expanse
you had in yourself.
You could not fight
for the love we had
because you could not even fight
for yourself.
It did not matter
that I was fighting,
for the both of us.
Pain was all you knew
and pain
is all you will ever know
for as long go around
leaving black holes
in other people’s souls.


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