I cannot fathom
a more toxic mentality
“accept who you are”
“you are good as you are”
“be in love with your flaws”.
Passing off clear character flaws
as “just who I am”
is the pinnacle
of laziness
and arrogance.
If we are not constantly
setting goals,
reinventing ourselves,
and striving for greatness,
then we are no more fit to live
than those who watch their lives
pass right in front of their eyes,
who look on in jealousy
as those with the bravery
and determination
to make their dreams come true
go out
and do so.
Accepting a flaw
does not erase it.
We are beings
of greatness,
infused with the power
to change the very course
of history
should we have
the hope
to do it.

Because no one else


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