Ironic Judgement

I hope
that one day,
be it tomorrow
or ten years from now,
you wake up
and realize
that I truly did care
for you.
I can guarantee
that you are going to miss me
being there for you,
putting up
with all of your messes,
to give up
or give in
when you gave me
every reason under the sun
to do so.
I promise
that you will regret
everything little thing
you did to let me go;
all the damage
you infilicted
upon my mind and heart.
But when that day comes,
you will turn back
expecting me to be there,
like I used to,
and I won’t be waiting for you
Though I was worthless to you,
your heart will break
and you will finally miss me
when you see me in the arms
of someone to whom
I am priceless.

It’s funny,
I learned more about my worth
from someone who did not appreciate it,
than I did,
from myself.


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