You hated
your weaknesses.
Your faults.
Your scars.
You thought they made you
incapable of love
and being loved.
You would often ask
why you felt this way
but it did not matter
what answer I had to give;
you did not want to change.
You did not realize
that you create self-confidence
by doing
not procrastinating.
By doing
instead of planning.
By doing
instead of self-sabotaging.
By doing
instead of complaining.
By doing
instead of feeling sorry
for yourself.
But that is really all
you ever had
wasn’t it?
Taking responsibility for yourself
and your actions
meant getting over
what was done to you.
But that would mean
you would have to stop playing the victim,
and we both know
that you lack the courage
to grow
in spite of it.


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