They say
that you simply do not stop
loving someone
just because
they do not
love you back,
but I disagree.

While there is a length of time
that passes
while you pray
while you hope
for a miracle,
after awhile
your heart hardens.
It grows callous
from neglect
and the love
you once held
so fiercely
like another forgotten rose
in their garden.

It is then
when you know what it means
to fall out of love
with someone
who never loved you
in the first place.

to say the least.


15 thoughts on “Inert

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  1. I totally agree. I you have been in love with someone, doesn’t mean you are always going to be in love with them. It’s like saying, if you hate someone who are always going to hate them regardless of how much they have changed.

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      1. Of course. Though, I will admit that it easier said than done. Oftentimes we grow attached to the person they once were, and we hope that they will become that person again if we stay. This can become an incredibly vicious cycle when out of control. When we are more in love with what once was than what is now is when we must move on.

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      2. Yes, I have seen that in people. They stick around with those who don’t respect them or reciprocate their feelings, all because they hope of having their older version back and sometimes people do this to prevent themselves from being left alone which is more sad in a way.

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      3. I have seen it, too. I cannot think of a worse form of emotional torture. I pray that you never have to suffer in that way, and should you ever find yourself in that situation, you realize that you are worthy of love that does not ask you to prove it.

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