I thought you were strong,
you know?
That you could move mountains
and then some.
I wrote you out to be this incredible
force of nature,
capable of achieving
just about anything
you could imagine.
You would put Wonder Woman
in awe of you,
or so I thought.
In truth,
you were nothing more
than a girl
bitter over her broken past
who cared very little
about overcoming her grief
and pain
because then
you would have to rely
on something
other than her victimhood.
You are not worthy
of even these words
and I pray that one day,
be it tomorrow
or ten years from now,
that you grow out of your pain
and stop hurting others
just because someone
had once hurt you.
seeing as how
you care more about how
you are percieved
by others,
I highly doubt it.
What a pity.
Truly a waste
of potential.


4 thoughts on “Vitals

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  1. What Sarah said. So many people get trapped in that cycle of seeking revenge, of doing to others what someone once did to them. 😦 It is destructive in so many ways. The only way to break it is when we learn to forgive. Forgive those who have wronged us. Forgive ourselves for our past foolish choices. Forgive, forgive, and keep focusing on becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

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