“I just didn’t think you’d move on so quickly.”


I have been through roughly a year and a half of dealing with your bullshit. I picked you up every time you fell. I had your back when all of your fake friends decided (again) to stab it. I supported you when no one else in this God forsaken world would, even when you yourself could not. And now that I am moving on from your toxic “take you off the shelf when I need you but I put you back when I’m done” attitude, I’m the bad guy? Let me tell you something, hun. I am not your dog, anymore. You used to keep me nearby by throwing me bones every now and then, but not again. Because when your keep denying someone their loyalty, their love, their potential, you better bet your ass that they are gonna find it somewhere else. So yeah, I’m moving on. But don’t worry; I’ve left all the bones for you to find when you finally realize that I was the one person who never doubted you, never gave up on you, and always gave you more. But you’ll soon come to find that bones don’t make hungry dogs stay.


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