I’ve cheated on you.
It wasn’t anything serious,
at first.
I know that when you’re with someone
you devote time
and energy,
but with this person,
it just felt so
A glance there,
a smile here,
coffee together
turns into dinner.
You were just gone
all the time,
you know?
You never made time
to see me,
to talk to me,
to nurture me,
not like this person.
This person
knew me,
and they made it
so clear
that they wanted me
in their life.
My passions,
my fears,
my hopes,
my dreams.
They knew it all.
The more time I made
for them,
the more I grew apart from you.
I needed you less
and less
and less
until I realized
that the single greatest romance
I have ever had
was with this person;



13 thoughts on “Dulce

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  1. The last word “myself” gave a whole new meaning to this. At first I thought, this happens, people grow apart and then they find themselves getting attracted to someone else but when I found out there wasn’t any other person involved but just you, I actually felt better.

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    1. I had this idea sort of brewing in my head for a while. Sometimes, the person we end up choosing over the other in a relationship is ourselves, which isn’t always as selfish as it sounds. I’m glad you felt better at the end! 🙂


  2. I loved this!! It’s a great feeling to love ourselves and spend time trying to know who we really are. Plus, there’s this sense of freedom you feel the minute you realize your worth is not defined by others. This is just amazing! 😊

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