All I
had ever wanted
was to be chosen
by you.
To be shown
that I was worth
your energy
your time
your money
your intent.
But I never was.
And I grew bitter
every time
you chose
your fake friends
that stabbed you behind your back
your pathetic job
that nullified your dreams
your pointless plans
that did nothing to benefit you.
Though you would never see it
because I was raised
with a modicum of class,
I was the most
worthy friend
you have ever had
in your wretched life,
like a true friend,
I choose to stab you
in the front.
am choosing
this time
and I will do my best
to not relish the feeling
of twisting my liberating blade
as I tell you
that your power over me
is no more.

I hope you rot
in your delusions.
It is all you ever chose,


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