Can’t you see?
It was always I.
It was always I
who would hold you
when the world
was too much to bear.
It was I
who always picked you up
when you could not muster
the strength
to do so.
It was I
who believed in you
even when no one else would,
even when you yourself
did not.
And yet,
at every twist
and turn,
you forsook me.
It was you
who kept me in the dark.
It was you
who knew
just how to bend my heart
to your will.
It was you
who kept me on a shelf
in your dark closet
until you needed my Light,
only to put me back
when I shone too bright.
But not this time.
not this time.
This time,
it will be I
who will turn his back
and it will be you
who will fight alone.
The part
that saddens me most
is that
for now
you will not grasp
just how much I loved you.
But you will.
You will,
and when that day comes
you will fall to your knees,
tears in your eyes,
that howling void you tried
so desperately to fill
will rage within you
and it will not be silenced
until you realize
how much you need me.

You will call.

And I will be the one
to leave it ringing.


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