I used to be
one of those people
who believed
that there was nothing more
or strong
than fighting for someone.
To take up arms
against the world,
to prove
just how indomitable
your love for another
can be.
But I have fought
for so long,
and in my countless battles
I have come across
a peculiar notion.
There comes a time
in every warrior’s life
where he learns
that not every battle
is meant to be fought.
That sometimes
there are some fights
that simply cannot be won,
no matter how much of your heart
may be in it.
I have come to believe
that sometimes
the strongest thing you can do
is realize
that there is nothing romantic
or strong
about fighting for someone
who isn’t fighting for you,
and the bravest action you could perform
would be sheathing your sword
and letting go.
Pick your battles wisely,
young warrior.


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