Long ago,
in the land
of ancient Greece,
legend spoke
of a Titan
who aided Zeus
in the battle
against his father;
The Old Man
of the Sea.
Throughout many
of the defining sagas,
Proteus was sought fervently,
for he possessed the power
of foresight.
It was said
that any adventurer
who could find Proteus
would be told his
or her
This gift
did not come
without certain
Proteus held his ability
to see into the future
with disdain,
so he would change his form
to avoid being captured.
It was only after besting Proteus
were you given a glimpse
into your future.
Suppose you were given
the chance to see
into Time.
Suppose you saw
all of the events
laid before you
that would make you
into the person
you were going to be;
would you still choose
to live it?
Or would knowing
take the magic
out of the day to day living
we have grown so accustomed to?
Is it better to not know?
I think
that Proteus hid himself
because he knew
just how cursed
knowing the future
made you.
really is


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