How did I get here?
What events led me
to this point,
on all fronts.
Sword drawn,
back against a wall.
Demons closing in.
I remember now.
I saw you,
fighting your monsters
and like the fool I was,
I leapt in,
shield up,
and I took your back.
I vowed
to never let you fight alone
ever again,
but then you left,
but you didn’t just abandon me.
you left me
not just with my demons,
but with yours,
as well.
Blood runs down my hands
as I grip my blade
for one last fight.
You had me at a point
where I would have fought
the entire world
alongside you,
but now,
you’ve left me
to fight the entire world
As our demons roar
and rush in
for the kill,
I am left with one
Perhaps it is true,
what they say;
You cannot win a fight
that does not want
to be won.


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