All Saints

I cannot wait for Halloween.

I’m not going to any parties. No, I suppose I am not the kind that gets invited to any of the type of parties the usual crowd tend to throw. You know the kind. Where everyone gets dressed up in costumes no one gives a fuck about, to get shitfaced with sociopaths that don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves on cheap booze in some desperate chance at even cheaper sex because dammit, they’re gonna feel good about themselves for just one night, right? Anything to quiet the howling void in their wretched hearts.

Bitter? Sure, I’m bitter. Bitter because I cannot be ignorant about my life anymore, like them. Bitter because I’m awake to the reality that the vast majority of the people I know are scumbags and will continue to perpetuate their vicious cycle of scumbaggery  because all they live for are pitiful ‘parties’ like these. Bitter because I cannot look any of these people in the face because all I see are fucking snakes that would rather bite you in the ass than give a damn about you. So yeah, I’m bitter.

No, this year, I’m going to spend it at home with a pizza, a case of Angry Orchard, lit candles and Twin Peaks, and the one person that has never let me down since Day One. ME. Vomit on someone else, yeah?

I cannot wait for Halloween.


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