I promised myself
I wouldn’t think about you
here we are.
A bittersweet street,
Memory Lane,
is it not?
It seems
like only yesterday,
a stray thought
of you,
my first crush
back in elementary school.
We went our separate ways
as two often do,
by some stroke of fate,
I mustered the courage
to send you a friend request.
So innocuous
and simple;
how was I to know
that after a few messages
we would become so close?
I remember the nights
where you would stay up
just to talk to me,
where our conversations
would go on for hours
and we were none the wiser.
We talked of our broken pasts,
our crazy mothers,
and just about everything
You surprised me
with a picture
of your plane ticket,
and we spoke of love
and taking that first step
with one another.
But something changed,
didn’t it?
You grew uncertain
as did I,
and the week
we had planned for each other
faded to dust,
as all things do.
You left California,
and you left me, too.
You asked me
to never talk to you again,
and we buried
the parts of our hearts
that belonged to one another.
Years had passed,
and I remember the feeling
in my stomach,
in my heart,
when I read
you were going to be married.
It was as if I had heard
every goodbye ever said to me,
all at once.
You’re happy now,
I hope.
If it weren’t for our shortcomings,
you would have never found
your happiness.
I wonder if you ever think of me
and the little moments we shared.
I do.
And a part of me will always wish
that it could have been me.
this one is for you.
For all the precious memories
you have given me,
and for a life
that we will never see.
And for the portion
of my heart,
though long buried,
that still burns
for you.



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