They are a sad lot,
Too often
they fear
what they do not understand.
Curious beyond measure
until the answer they sought
surpasses their pitiful excuse
for knowledge.
They are so quick
to forsake the truth
if it does not align
with their vision
of the world.
A shame,
for creatures with such
they are always so eager
to die.
And for what?
For justice?
For honor?
For glory?
For love?
The irony in their deaths
lies in their inability
to even grasp
what they are dying for.
I suppose that much
is to be expected
from creatures that think
dying for something
is noble.
But living for something?
Now there is choice
that takes true strength.
come to me
when you have found something
worth living for.
Overcome yourself,
and be set free.


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