Hallow’s End

A lot can happen in a year.
But I guess the more things change,
the more they seem
to stay the same.
It was just last year,
where we found ourselves
at some lame Halloween party.
I remember feeling so bummed
because I didn’t think
you were going to come,
because you were at
another party.
But you came,
and you took my breath away.
You were Little Red,
and your make-up was
so incredible,
appearing as if
you had just survived
a bout with the evil wolf.
And I came
as the unassuming Huntsman,
a bizarre coincidence
that I didn’t really plan.
I watched as you flitted
from group to group
each one in awe of your costume
but I,
in awe
of you.
We went to another party
and soon came the time to leave.
I wanted to walk
since no one cared to leave that early,
and to my surprise
you came with me.
We walked in the cold
October air,
and we talked about your past.
How he had hit you,
how he had thrown you,
and every word
that came out
of your ruby-red lips
I committed to memory
within the torn pages
of my heart.
We came, at last, to our cars,
and we had parked
on opposite sides
of the street.
We turned to each other,
eyes locked in Time,
and we embraced.
My whole being simply sang
joyous harmonies,
and I remember holding tighter,
for I did not want
the night to end.
We said goodnight,
and you walked across the street
to your car.
It was as if Time
had froze
and in that moment,
I wanted to run to you
grab you by the hand
twirl you into me
and kiss you,
and stronger
than you have ever been kissed
in your life,
right there
in the middle
of a cold road
in October.
But I didn’t.
I was a coward
in your love,
and you drove off
totally unaware
of how in love with you
I was.
A lot can happen in a year.
But I guess the more things change,
the more they seem
to stay the same.


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