What does it say
about the state of our world
when we can say
in earnest to one another,
that one can be
too nice?
As if having
a hardened heart
ever made anything better.
As if
living your life
with such suspicion,
such mistrust,
ever allowed you
to be happy.
Let me tell you something,
if you are wary
of my free advice,
than perhaps
you are in more dire a need of it
than I may have thought.
This world,
this cycle,
needs Light.
The people you crush
with your naysayings
are the source of this Light
and every flame you extinguish
brings this world closest to darkness,
and yet,
with each passing night that you create,
you bemoan the state of the world.
What sense does that make?
None at all.
there is hope.
Become a Light,
my friend,
for a candle loses nothing
when lighting another.


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