Fable 1

Let me tell
of a story I once heard
many years ago.
It involves a certain
and an unwitting frog.
You see,
one day,
a scorpion
who lives high among the mountaintops
decides he wants to live somewhere else.
So he ventures out from under his rock
and travels over many hills
and through many valleys
until he comes to a river.
this river was swift
and Scorpion knew not
how to swim.
He was just about to give up
and go home
when out of the corner of his eyes
he spotted a lonesome frog,
resting on the riverbank.
“Why hello Mr. Frog,”
Scorpion says sweetly.
“Would you be so kind
as to swim me across this river
for I cannot swim!”
The frog answered hesitantly,
for he had heard what they say
about scorpions.
“Hello to you, Scorpion.
If I were to do such a thing,
how do I know that you won’t try
to kill me?”
Scorpion laughs,
“Well if I kill you, then I’ll surely drown,
for I cannot swim!”
This made sense to the frog
but he asked,
“Well, what if I get close to the shore,
and then you kill me?”
Scorpion, now getting frustrated
“Because then I could not get across!”
This made more sense to the frog
but he then asked,
“Well, what if I get you across,
and then you kill me?”
Scorpion grew more agitated,
“Because what sort of payment
for your kindness
would be killing you?
That would not be fair!”
Frog made up his mind
to help Scorpion,
so Frog made his way across
the swift river
and settled down near Scorpion.
Scorpion climbed atop
Frog’s back,
sinking his little claws into Frog’s back,
and Frog slid into the river,
keeping Scorpion just above
the swift river.
They were halfway to the other side
of the bank
when Frog felt a horrible sting in his back
and turned to see Scorpion removing
his stinger from Frog’s back.
Frog felt his legs go numb,
“You fool! Why have you done this?
Now we both shall die!”
The scorpion shrugged,
and did a little jig
as Frog began to drown.
“I could not help it”
laugh Scorpion.
“It is my nature.”
Then they both sank
into the swift river.

No good deed goes unpunished
and trees never grow into heaven.


*Based off Aesops The Scorpion and the Frog*

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