I am afraid
that I have dallied
for far too long.
There is a man
I am supposed to meet
you see,
or rather,
to be
and I have put off
becoming him
for long enough.
So do not fret
if I do not answer your knocking
for I am no longer there.
I have begun a journey
most incredible.
Dry those tears, darling;
for when I return
you will scarce remember
the man I was
and maybe then,
we can start again.


7 thoughts on “Transmog

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      1. I’ ve been where you are. A lot of us have. And I just want to say, as I sit in the stands with red vines and a Dr. Pepper, that you’ll totally make it, because your strength and courage are much more than you can even fathom. ❤

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