Were I to tell you my tale
of madness and insanity,
would you believe it?
The time was late,
a cold
blustery October night,
a Wednesday,
if memory serves.
I found myself driving
on some winding,
lonesome road,
passing by immense pines,
their evergreen forms
illuminated by the sullen moon,
casting silvery shadows
on the path that I now drove.
I became aware
of a tear in the center of my mind,
a wrinkle, really.
And from this wrinkle came a murmur,
a whisper most horrific.
It spoke to me in a language
that I dare not hope to ever hear again,
for the very energy from which these words formed
was not human.
No, it was far from human.
I felt my knuckles crack
as my hands tightened around the wheel,
but I could not bring myself to relax them.
The voice,
this entity,
spoke of a realm that borders
just on the edge of this one,
a dimension steeped
in terror and evil.
It uttered strange incantations
that evoked images that
froze me to my core.
Spiraling archways that defied all natural laws
of architecture.
Sprawling caverns in which shifted
colossal beings
with features too grotesque to describe.
And the screams.
The screams permeated the very air,
if you could call it air,
that lingered in this land,
and the souls of the damned
that cried out in eternal torment
illuminated what was perhaps
the most infernal creature
that my mind had ever conceived.
Towering in the sky
was what appeared to be a face,
though any features
that would have rendered it human
were long gone.
It possessed no eyes,
but rather two gaping sockets,
from which poured a liquid most foul.
From this black bile
emerged faces
twisted in agony,
no doubt suffering in pain immeasurable.
This ebony venom trickled its way
into what I assumed was this creatures mouth,
though it was not in any sense of the word.
A sickening curl began at the ends,
and widened to reveal what looked to be
a furnace.
A bloodcurdling howl filled the air,
and the wails of the damned grew louder
as souls deemed unworthy
flooded forth
and were gnashed apart
by the shark-like teeth
that lined this horrific mouth.
The voice made a sound
that resembled a chuckle,
which upon hearing froze my senses.
The blaring sound of a horn
snapped me from my paralysis,
and I awoke to see
that the light I had no memory of stopping at
turned green.
Relief flooded through me,
and as I left that worn out road,
I wondered just how close
our dimension is
from another wrinkle.


*Music selection is titled “Pennywise’s Tower” from the movie IT.*

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