I have heard it said
many times.
I am sure
you have heard it, too.
“Drunk words
are sober thoughts.”
A rather
idea, if you ask me.
I suppose this brainchild,
if you will,
does have basis in reality.
But, oh,
if you knew the thoughts
that hid behind
my thinly veiled
curtain of moonlit landscapes,
you too,
would know
that there is not enough
whiskey or rum in the world
to drown the ocean
that was her.


12 thoughts on “Intox

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  1. There’s never enough words or whiskey to describe what true love actually is. Nor what pain truly feels like in a drowning heart. Nor, there will be ever enough to drown her. But, there will be enough to cheer another love. The moon will guide you. Cheers to that. Xo.

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