Drifting effortlessly
through the cosmic expanse.
Motes of Light
zoom unfettered
surrounding you
an all encompassing glow.


You awake on a distant shore
one forgotten by Time.
You know not how you came to be,
as the gentle waves wash away
the memories of the last cycle.
Who you were,
what you were,
your beliefs and ideals,
your name;
all purged
by the Light.
You stand,
your feet sinking slightly
into the golden sands.
A familiar breeze tousles the hair
from your eyes,
and you see
on your side lies
a blade.
Not ornate in any sense.
And yet, you feel,
deep within you,
a connection to this blade.
Your fingers clasp tightly
around the leather wrapped hilt
and a single memory,
like a flashbulb,
illuminates your now empty mind
with one final reminder
of who you once were.
This unhoned blade,
your spirit,
is your to fashion.
To protect
or destroy,
to serve
or rebel,
to attack
or defend;
this is what this new cycle
will ask of you.
The question now

What would you fight for?


*Musical selection is titled “Prelude” from Final Fantasy Mobius*

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