I remember watching an episode of House not too long ago. “Histories” was the name of this particular story. In it, House notices that his oncologist friend, James, has been leaving abruptly from work. At the end of the episode, House tails James to a derelict street corner, and asks James why he has been leaving to visit this place.

James tells House about his brother, Danny, who had suffered from schizophrenia during his college years. James recounts a time when he was studying for an important final, and neglected to help his brother when he needed him. James gets a call the next day from his mother, saying that Danny had run off. To that day, Danny has been presumed homeless, and James visited that street corner every day over the past four years because that’s where Danny was last seen.

That is honestly my biggest fear. That when I need someone the most,
they’ll forsake me and I’ll slip through the cracks, just like Danny, never to be found again.

It scares me so fucking much.


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  1. It may be even worse to be in Jame’s shoes…knowing he could have helped and now being so powerless. I’m not sure there is anything (or anyone) in life we can count on positively. What we CAN count on is change…

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  2. I heard it said once, “No one is coming to save you. You must save yourself.” It was an “ah-ha” moment for me. At the time I was a young single mother. Although having family and friends makes life all the better, in the end, in my opinion, you have to realize you have the power to save yourself. It’s very liberating.

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    1. Your are absolutely correct. We are raised with various levels of safety nets; friends, family, police and firefighters, and the like. All designed to help us and provide support when we need it. But you are right; everyone is already too busy saving themselves!

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