Secret Arts: Tornado

Allow me
to illuminate
the secret art
of air.

Air is perhaps
the most elusive
and mystifying
power of them all,
for you cannot see it
but rather,
the effects of it.
It can be directed
as a chilling blast
or a warming breeze.
It can carry upon it
the seeds of life
or rip away
at freshly grown leaves.
It can carve away at
the patient stone,
casting masterpieces
that only Time can create,
and is the source of power
for both fire
and water.
But air has its weakness, too.
Without direction,
air will linger
until it becomes infested
with the must of the dead.

So, too,
is the art of the soul.
A soul with no purpose
is to invite decay.
The potential for both
and the soul
to be something greater
than it is
is infinite,
so long as you have the will
to give it direction.

Mystifying, indeed.


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