Take every
flaxen shore
you have ever visited.
The warm grains of sand
filling the spaces between your toes,
the cool waves
lapping against your legs,
the splash
of a salted breeze
against your
sun-soaked skin
the crash of the ocean’s fury
rushing to your ears
giving you goosebumps.

Take every
purple mountain
you have ever climbed.
The crisp air
saturated with sage and pine
fills your lungs,
the morning dew
resting ever so lazily
upon the evergreen emerald eaves
of the chaparrals,
reflecting a dazzling display
of reds and blues
of oranges and greens
as the sun radiates its Light
from on high.

Take every
bustling city
you have ever known.
The lazy arpeggios
of the pianist upstairs,
float gently down
as you sip your first press
of hazelnut coffee.
The first few snowflakes
that alight upon your pink nose
on your way home
through the crowded streets,
the smell of freshly baked
sourdough pretzels
lingering in the winter air.

Take these things,
and imagine
feeling all of these at once,
when she says your name.

is it not?


6 thoughts on “Dilation

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  1. I was thinking the same thing as that first comment…Wow!Each of those three descriptions were very powerful all on their own. To experience them all at once is very much the feeling you get when someone you love speaks your name. I like that!Thank you for stopping by my place. I’ve enjoyed reading your work.

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