I have heard it said
that broken people
are able to love better than most.
That once you’ve been in the dark
you learn to appreciate
all of the things that shine.
And while the Light
inside my heart
believes this to be true,
the Shadow in my mind
knows better.
much better.
you take
some of the darkness with you
and you cannot help but give it
because darkness is all you know.
You have grown
too twisted
too hard
too blind
in the darkness
that sometimes
you canΒ never appreciate the Light
because you are too busy
casting everything
in shadow.


13 thoughts on “Silhouette

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      1. Hey, as my uncle the play-write says, “Writers write. If you’re writing, you’re a writer!” Took me a long time to embrace the word author for myself as well…self-published two books before I could own it! So if you’re writing poetry…you’re a poet! Anyway, it’s a gift mostly I think, and just being quiet enough to receive it.

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      2. Thank you! I found having a project partner really helped me along, someone who was good at the technical stuff who could keep me on track. We used the site Blurb to self-publish. It was a great experience and very reasonably priced. You only pay for the number of copies of your book you want printed. So a little poetry book I sell for $10 only costs me about $3. Doable for anyone! πŸ™‚

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