Twin Flame

Aristophanes once told
of legend in ancient Greece.
That long ago,
humans had
four arms
four legs
and single head
made of two faces.
Fearing their power
and lusting for more tribute
Zeus conspired a plan;
to split these humans
with a bolt of his mighty lightning
thus separating the being
into two individuals.

These humans,
now seperated
from their other halves
lived in complete
and utter misery
to the point where they
would not eat,
so Apollo rode down
on his golden chariot
and sewn the gaping
split that Zeus had incurred,
leaving the naval
the only remnant to remind us
of our original form.

It is said that we
would forever roam this wretched Earth
searching for our other half,
should the two find each other
there will be a great unspoken
of one another,
and that they would lie
in harmonious unity
and there there would be no greater sense
of joy
than that.

But I have begun to wonder
if there are those
who will 
find their other half.
Perhaps they are destined
to roam for all eternity
for something they will never find.
Maybe they never had one to begin with.
I suppose
only the gods would know.

Truly a cruel trick,
if you ask me.


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