I grow weary
of simply existing.
My soul,
my mind,
my heart;
they hunger
for more.
I can no longer
stay content
with who
and what I am.
No longer
will the simple pleasantries
of this aching world
tide me.

My soul yearns to tread
in undiscovered meadows
of which blooms the wildest of roses,
where crystal clear waters cleanse the earth,
and where the moon basks all in its heavenly glow;
a shimmering silvered cloak of argent motes.

My mind hungers for wisdom,
of answers that lay veiled
behind the curtain of reason,
where forbidden secrets lurk
in shadows unseen by mortals;
to know the unknowable
the what has
and what will

My heart thirsts to be consumed
by a love that will never cease
to quench,
to erupt in a supernova
of warmth
of hope
of joy
of Light,
the kind this world has never seen.

I hunger for more
and I will not be sated
until I am free.

And I will be free.


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