I bleed

A minor wound
to be certain,
but it persists
even now.

I bleed for you.

I bleed for your sorrow.
For the betrayal of those you held close.
For the heart you wish would no longer beat.
For the home your soul so desperately seeks.

I bleed for your anguish.
For the mother that had forsaken you.
For the father that had abandoned you.
For the fears that their absence has instilled
in you.

I bleed for your arrogance.
For the friendship you desire, yet ignore in me.
For the hopes you strive for, yet disregard my support.
For the love you yearn for, yet stay oblivious to the force
emanating within me.

I bleed because
this pain you have given me
is the only thing that reminds me
that I am still alive.

I breathe,
and I bleed.

For you.


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